How Coronavirus Affects the Lungs and Heart

How Coronavirus Affects the Lungs and Heart

The COVID-19 pandemic can affect patients in different ways, and these organs are the most affected by this disease.
Efforts continue to find a cure for the COVID-19 pandemic . As the days go by, the virus spreads rapidly throughout the world, and it affects some people more than others, and that is why, next, we will show you how the virus affects the lungs and the heart .

How it affects the lungs
Coronavirus can be lethal for a patient with some lung disease. This causes when it reaches the lungs, its mucous membranes become inflamed , in turn damaging the pulmonary alveoli – which must carry out their function of supplying oxygen to the blood circulating through the body and removing carbon dioxide to exhale. .

Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips , clinical chief of the Providence Health System, noted that: “If it becomes inflamed there, it is much more difficult for oxygen to swim through the mucous membrane.” Inflammation and damage to oxygen flow can cause these areas of the lungs to fill with pus, fluid, and dead cells, which in turn would lead to pneumonia .

Location Of The Heart In The Chest Cavity Fileblausen 0458 Heart Thoraciccavity - Wikimedia Commons

And so to the heart
The coronavirus may affect the heart in such a way that it overloads it. But it can also be the fact that it produces direct infectious and inflammatory damage to it. Dr. Juan Cosín points to myocarditis , which “can worsen the function of the heart pump and worsen the patient’s prognosis.”

It is important to note, therefore, that people with chronic pathologies such as cardiovascular disease will be seriously affected by the coronavirus. If a patient has heart failure, the heart will worsen its function.

Carlos Macaya , president of the FEC (Spanish Heart Foundation) points out that those patients with cardiovascular disease “have to increase adherence to medical treatment and avoid excessive fluid intake so that they are not retained and do not destabilize.”


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