The bomb of selling Cristiano Ronaldo because of the coronavirus crisis

The bomb of selling Cristiano Ronaldo because of the coronavirus crisis

The economic damage caused and will continue to cause the coronavirus forces the Italian club to rethink the continuity and salary (31 million euros net) of the Portuguese star

Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Juventus is up in the air. In Italy there is growing concern about how the clubs will cope with the economic losses generated by this pandemic and will affect project planning. Before the health crisis, when the economy was flowing, Juventus had a plan : to study how Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract could be prolonged.

The economic damage that the coronavirus causes and will continue to cause forces the Vecchia Signora to rethink the continuity and salary of the Portuguese star and, among the scenarios that are handled, according to ‘Il Messaggero’, is that of a possible sale if a buyer with 70 million euros. It is a new option. Knowing how the relationship was before the pandemic may be the last thing for both the club and the player.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract ends in 2022 and his desire was to extend it and continue to demonstrate that he can offer high performance in one of the leading clubs in Europe. He is happy in Italy , he feels recognized by the owner (Andrea Agnelli), the fans and he continues to set challenges for himself collectively and individually.

Agnelli and Cristiano went hand in hand. They will seek to understand each other, although they will no longer be the figures that Jorge Mendes had , in his negotiating strategy, to sit down to talk once a season that continues with no resumption date ends. Can a club afford Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary in times of crisis? At Real Madrid, avoiding this situation was avoided.

The bomb of selling

In this period of interruption of the competition for the Covid-19 several are the clubs in Europe that have had to adopt drastic measures to save the accounts. Among them is Juventus. Its viability plan involves cutting the salary mass of the workforce in the months of March, April, May and June. This reduction represents Cristiano Ronaldo a loss of 3.8 million euros . There is no evidence that the Portuguese (confined in Madeira with his family) has placed any kind of impediment.

Forbidden to do crazy things
The most dangerous scenarios, as the crisis evolves and the repercussions it has on the economy begin to be seen, happen because Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo have to study a downward renewal , not touch the contract until its end in 2022 or consider a sale . A significant decrease in Juventus’ income may have an effect on Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure. For the club chaired by Agnelli, in a time of recession, it would be untenable to pay a salary of 31 million euros net for more years. Cristiano is 35 years old and ends his contract with 37.

Can his high record be guaranteed at this age even though he can continue scoring goals? Is renovation or a raise a good business? The scenario has radically changed and Cristiano Ronaldo, at his age, will suffer the consequences. Will there be a club that is capable of paying 70 million euros for Cristiano Ronaldo? This is another of the unknowns that would have to be solved this summer.

The economic consequences of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus may go further than we think in football. It begins to be assumed that in the next market there will be no transfers of 100 million euros . There is a certainty that ERTEs help to alleviate the temporary damage caused by the stoppage of competition. But the fear and the uncertainty that it will provoke from now on forces the managers of the clubs not to do crazy things. Neither in the transfers nor in the salaries.

The FC Barcelona , who presented a budget of more than 1,000 million euros, is suffering the burden of payroll that eats almost 70% of that budget. The footballers have been left with no choice but to accept a cut in their chips that will save the club some 14 million euros net if the month of confinement is reached. The next step will be sales. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo is spared. Juventus supports high salaries among which are those of Dybala , HiguaĆ­n and Matthijs de Ligt .

The Real Madrid enduring pay cuts measures pending on the evolution of the crisis andThere is logical concern about the losses caused by the drop in income.


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